A world where luxury and versatility are never compromised. Where our expertise meets your individuality. A world where our craft meets your story.

We endeavor to make the ordinary extraordinary and the everyday timeless. We represent the Italian culture and labor over centuries of Italian high artisan craftsmanship luxury leather goods at their most refined, with an enduring dedication to unrivalled craftsmanship. Today, we are continuing that legacy, old methods craftsmanship and traditions of our ancestors. 

A distinctly special, unique brand catering to extraordinary unique people.


Embracing the old world with the modern.

The lines and curves, minimal and streamlined, reflect a sense of sobriety and discretion that is rooted in the design and concept of the brand, unveiling the hidden emotions and passions that have always been part of that identity, in a seductive contrast between restraint and passion.



Sometimes the simple things are best – Each bag demonstrates Massimiliano Stanco’s love for innovative design, marrying a sensuous, architectural silhouette with supreme comfort. The briefcase is a Massimiliano Stanco classic, and as such has been continually refined over the past decade – no element here is extraneous and each piece is pressed and finished passionately, entirely by hand.

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