Not only the connoisseur of the Southern Italian tailoring appreciates the craftsmanship of the Neapolitan tailors, but also every well-dressed gentleman.


The distinctive silhouettes, the high armholes, the hand-sewn buttonholes and of course, the famous handsewn shoulders are the results of the brand's exceptional tailors.


The buttonhole is sewn with the utmost care and of course, by hand.



This is one of the central and unmistakable details of a Max Stanco fatta-a-mano shirt.

Traditionally, buttonholes were hand-sewn and there are great differences in terms of the sewn density and gimp thread used on custom shirts.

Machine-made buttonholes that are cut first and then sewn with a high stitch density can be very nice as well. In regard to longevity and practicality, hand-made buttonholes will likely last longer, while handmade ones are a tribute to craftsmanship. At the end of the day, it comes down to personal preference.


The House selects fabrics from some of the best mills in Italy and Japan where their time- honored craftsmanship and latest technology make for fabrics that last you a lifetime.

Such the newest Max Stanco vintage washed linen addition and Sapporo light threaded crisp denims in vintage washed and solids.


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